Radiant C® Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser

Radiant C® Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser

$ 40.29

Cleanse, soften and smooth dull tired skin with vitamin C, jojoba beads and citrus extracts. For all skin types.

Key Benefits

  • Exfoliate and revitalize skin
  • Prevent a dull, tired complexion
  • Maximize antioxidant skin protection

Product Description

As we age, skin cell turnover slows resulting in dull looking skin. Vitamin C can help defend skin from free radical damage. Get adequate amounts of this super antioxidant with this gentle scrub. Jojoba and beeswax beads help smooth and polish.

Usage : Gently massage onto damp skin. Rinse well with warm water. Use with the full line of Radiant C® products for added antioxidant protection.


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